Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Origami Star of David

Josh and Anna showed us how to make these origami Jewish stars at our Shavuot study a couple weeks ago. They're not hard to make, and very pretty! Try them with origami paper with a different color on each side. Whatever color the little diamonds that are folded up into triangles are is the color they will be in the end, while the other color will be the background of that part of the star. Josh says he thinks they were originally a Christmas project, so whatever your faith, make them and enjoy!

Cut two equilateral triangles out of paper.

Take one of the triangles and fold it in half. Unfold it. Fold it in half another way. Unfold it. Note the center point made by all your fold lines.

Fold one side up to the center point created by all your folds. This sort of looks like a hat. Unfold it. Fold another side to the center point and unfold that. Fold the third side, unfold it and lay your triangle out flat. Now it kind of looks like an ashtray, or a hamantashen dough, no?

Notice there is a diamond shape in each corner. (I outlined the shapes in black to make it look clearer to you.)

Fold one diamond in half to make a triangle.

Fold the other two diamonds in half.

Turn the triangle over. Fold one side up to the crease.

Fold the other two sides up.

Pull one corner up and overlap it so that each side has one end under and one over.

You want the corners overlapping like this.

Fold one point to the center. If you did this correctly, you will see a diamond on the tip of that point.

Fold the other two points to the center. You now have a hexagon shape.

Turn the hexagon over. Look closely and you will see three sides have a crease parallel to their edges. (I outlined the shapes in black to make it look clearer to you.)

Fold any creased side to the center.

Fold the other two creased sides to the center.

Overlap the flaps.

Here's the first finished triangle.

Create another triangle just like the first.

Slide the two triangles together.

The star now looks like this.

Pull the corner up and over.

Your finished star! How pretty! I punch a small hole at the top and hang with some fun wire.