Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wrapping my Mind in Color Trends

This blog records my process of creating art jewelry,with adventures, examples, and techniques! Not to mention creative inspiration! Click on the images to enlarge.

So I'm trying to figure out what color schemes stand out this Spring. Of course this was decided long ago - 24 months ago most likely - by the Power Deciders at WWD, Style Magazine, Pantone, Vogue et al. So I poked around the internet a bit and snagged some palettes and photos from the fashion world to help me understand what's behind the interesting color combinations I'm seeing. Follows some of my visual notes ...


Orion Designs said...

Great screenshots that will help all of us see what colors we need to work with! As usual, all colors are represented this season. It's the subtle variations that help us decide where we want to take these colors in our own designs.
Thanks for sharing Ann.


Brandi said...

This is fabulous!! I love these colors. Thanks so much for sharing!

By the way, would you be interested in sharing this blog post for the etsyBEAD Team Blog ( *grin* Pretty please?