Saturday, August 1, 2009

I Runneth Out

Darn, I've run out of "Sand and Sea" Mix from Twisted Sistah. So, while I am waiting for Leslie to send me more, here you go with the same idea worked up in my very first seed bead purchase, some tiny (size 15?) frosted variegated beads in fuscia/purple colors. In these pictures you can see how I am thinking about it. Obviously a kipoh needs to curve a little to fit the head, so I am dreaming about loops, picots? We'll see when I get to it. This construction is about 2 inches in diameter. Well the first three stars are around 1 inch, when I got it built out a bit it is about 2 inches.

How did I get into Beadweaving? If you said "because you're not a pit bull," you'd be right! I wear lipstick and I'm a soccer Mom! Above see a tiny purse-sized beading kit in a Chinese small-item container. This is 4" in diameter and about 1-1/2" high. It has my current project and all the supplies for it, and is perfect to take out to the soccer field with a water bottle and a beach chair.

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