Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tiny Boxes to Organize Tiny Things

I finally got organized with these little boxes. They fold up really quickly, and I include the template below. I love these cuz I can move them around for different projects, and to put the beads away at the end of the season all I have to do is just tip them into a baggie.

You can print the template larger or smaller to make different sizes of boxes, and as well print it *just slightly larger* to make box tops. You can also redraw everything but the center fatter to make a taller box.

Directions: Once you've folded along all the lines, cut as directed to create two longer flaps and two shorter ones. Fold over one longer flap as you see here to create a box side wall, allowing the next crease to fold under so the triangle lies on the floor of the box. Repeat on other long side. Fold in long bits on the sides to create inner side walls of the other two sides. These will not stay put until you fold over the two short sides over them. When you are done the box will have all four points in the middle of the bottom. Enjoy! This photo is from Etsian saguirl, from a video that's no longer on the site.


Linda B said...

Great idea. Do you know how to make tops too?

I went to a thing and learned, but I forgot.

Anne Keller Smith said...

Linda, to make a top, print the template just *slightly* larger than the one you printed for the bottom. When it's made up, the top will fit nicely over the bottom.