Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Frustration!!! is these terrific pieces, and since they are commissions, I can't post them up to my Etsy shop. They are one of a kind. The Lucky Eye necklace, above, is for my son's Pre-Kindergarten teacher, who's an Israeli gal with a Middle Eastern background. She believes in the magic of evil eyes! It's not quite done ~ I want the focal part to measure 7" so it can be a bracelet if she wants, and the other part 14" so it can be part of this necklace or a choker by itself.

The piece below is an adaptation of Penny Acosta's lovely chaine maille design from the April 2007 Bead & Button magazine. This I wouldn't sell unless I checked with Penny first!

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Penneya2 said...

Hi, I love the bracelet by Penney Acosta also. My name is spelled with an extra e, Penney. I am her and flattered that you have it on your website. I appreciate the comment about asking me for permission to sell the bracelet first. I don't mind you selling that lovely bracelet at all!! My daughter found your website and pointed it out. Keep on making stuff, it's great therapy for me too.
Penney Acosta