Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lavender Loveliness

This is my first go, a one-strand necklace.

Here we are with two strands. I think this is the right visual weight for pearls versus pendant, but I miss the dark purple rondelles in version one.

Here's three strands ~ I'm trying for luscious but I don't think I've done it. Just a bit much. I do like how the rings kind of mimic the round-ish shapes of the pearls and the silver squiggle within the interior of the pendant.

Here it is, closer. I think the rings deserve center stage on their own. They're a bit much here. Maybe tomorrow I'll feel differently?

I am hoping my etsyBEAD sisters will come here and weigh in!!!


Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

Hi Anne,
Personally, I like the two strand version the best. It seems right for the "weight" of it. It's a very pretty piece and I understand your tough decision.

Good luck choosing,

Merily said...

Wow, it looks pretty with one, two, or three strands! Hmm... I think I'd pick two strands, too, though. One doesn't look like quite enough, and with three, it looks sort of heavy.