Friday, December 28, 2007

My Bead Buddy

This blog records my process of creating art jewelry, with adventures, examples, and techniques! Not to mention creative inspiration! Click on the images to enlarge.

Oh, it's great to have a beading buddy! Someone you can share inspiration and techniques with, lean on and moan to. Someone who can urge you to take the next step and then when you get stuck, push on your butt to get you up there.

My beading buddy is CGailDesigns, and you can visit her Etsy store to meet her and see her wonderful work. She lives right down the street from me, and her daughter and my son have been in the same class at school since Kindergarten. Her focus is primarily on wirework, and you will see the top level craftsmanship and delicate esthetic in her designs. She uses semi-precious stones to enhance the silver work.

I had to buy this piece with its lovely amazonite rondelles and beautifully antiqued sterling silver beads and spacers. The small beads around the one side are vintage steel nuggets from France, and they are lovely even if I did wear the bracelet so much that it ended up in the washer one day and got a wash and dry.

You're not supposed to launder your fine jewelry or even shower in it, but you can see the piece is no worse for wear!

Oh, my dear beading buddy, you inspire me!


Candace said...

Awwww...thanks for the write up on my piece. I'm thrilled you love it so much and that it held up through the rinse and spin cycle. LOL!

Sorry I wasn't able to get you the photo of it. I lost a lot of stuff when our hard drive went for the second time now. ARGH!!

RandomNotions said...

oh i wish i had a bead buddy too! Thanks for your encouraging words on my blog and i think your doing fantastic on your comments!