Saturday, December 15, 2007

Saving Silver Wire #1 - The Bead Unit

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Now that silver has gotten so expensive, we want to save as much silver wire as possible, don't we? I've developed a few techniques to save my wire – I often work right off the roll of wire. This way I don't waste ANY wire at all and there are no odd lengths of wire to throw away. Here's how I do it on a recent earring project that involves a pine cone charm, a bead unit and a handmade ear wire.

There are three parts to this project. Here's Part 1 (The Bead Unit) – come back for Part 2 (The Ear Wire) and Part 3 (Putting it Together). I'm using 20 guage round sterling silver wire.


I hold the roll of wire in my left hand like this and work from the end.

2. I flush cut a tiny end off the wire so it will be nice and even.

I slide the beads onto the wire.

Next, I grab the very tip of the wire with the round-nose pliers, a third of the way up, and roll the wire around, making a loop. I bend the wire a little bit at the base, so the loop is centered like a lollipop on a stick.

I go to the other end of the beads I have stacked and hold the wire in the round nose pliers, again a third of the way up.

I then make the second loop. I center that loop and then flush cut the end.

I wiggle both wire ends back and forth a bit until the loops are completely closed.

I place the bead unit on my steel bench block and tap very lightly on each loop with my ball peen hammer to harden the wire.

Here's the finished bead unit.

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