Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Saving Silver Wire #2 - The Ear Wire

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Now that silver has gotten so expensive, we want to save as much silver wire as possible, don't we? I've developed a few techniques to save my wire – I often work right off the roll of wire. This way I don't waste ANY wire at all and there are no odd lengths of wire to throw away. Here's how I do it on a recent earring project that involves a pine cone charm, a bead unit and a handmade ear wire.

There are three parts to this project. Last post I did Part 1 (The Bead Unit). Here's Part 2 (The Ear Wire). Come back for Part 3 (Putting it Together). I'm using 20 guage round sterling silver wire.

Yes, folks, I use a jig for this. I know some of you think only amateurs use a jig, but I use one whenever it is convenient. Actually, this is the only thing I use the jig for, because it makes all my earring wires come out the same. And it's dead easy.

First, I hold the wire coil in my left hand and flush cut the very end.

Then I grab the very end of the wire with my round nose pliers one-third of the way up.

I roll around to make a loop.

Here's the loop.

I fit that loop right on the small peg of the jig.

I wrap that wire right around the fat peg as you can see here.

I pass the wire between the fat peg and the other small peg and pull a tad to curve the end.

I then flush cut the end of this wire.

I repeat these last couple of steps to make a second earring wire, right over the first one. This way they turn out the same size.

I flush cut the second end so it is the same as the first.

Voila a matching set of earring wires!

You can pinch the shape in a bit if you want.

Don't forget to file the ends a tad for comfort.

My last step is to put each wire on the bench block and tap lightly with my ball peen hammer to harden the wire a bit.

Here they are, nice, huh?


Designs by Jenean said...

nice tutorial. I bought a wigjig some time ago and haven't used it yet. I've been a little distracted with other things. I will try something with it soon. I just have to find it now.

Fish On The Wall said...

Wow- you make it look so easy! And how you were able to photograph yourself doing these steps is great! Thanks for sharing!!!