Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Saving Silver Wire #3 - Final Assembly

This blog records my process of creating art jewelry, with adventures, examples, and techniques! Click on the images to enlarge.

This is the third part of a series that focuses on working right from a coil of round sterling silver wire to avoid waste and measuring pieces of wire. Here I'm just finishing my assembly of the earrings, and using simple beading techniques, nothing fancy.

Part 3. Assembly of the Final Piece

Here are the parts of my earrings. (Yes, there's an extra black crystal in this demo, because I decided the earrings were too long and redid them with only one black crystal. You can make them either way.)

Hold the earring wire in one hand or flat nose pliers and bend the end of the loop carefully towards you to open the loop. Place the bead unit over the loop and close.

Open a loop on the bead unit the same way, and place the pine cone charm on and close.

All done! That was easy! Here is the final set. I love it!

To see the completed project, come to my Etsy shop. There's a link at right in Resources.

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